Amazing beauty benefits inside ice cubes!

Ice cubes help you get a cold drink on a summer day, but also keep your skin vitality. Here’s how:

Treats puffy eyes

Lack of sleep and too much stress can swell your eyes. All you have to do in order to reduce the swelling is folding some ice cubes into a paper towel and gently rub your eyes with them. The coolness will soothe your eyes.

Calms pimples

When you notice that pimples occur, take some ice cubes and apply them to the affected area. It will chill the blood vessels and will reduce swelling.

Minimize pores appearance

Ice acts as an effective remedy for closing the pores.

Refresh tired skin

When you apply ice cubes on your face, your body will automatically send blood to the affected area and will improve blood circulation. This will give freshness to your skin. Put ice in a glass but don’t use it directly on the skin without some kind of “protection”, because it can badly affect your skin.

Amazing beauty benefits inside ice cubes!