How to detoxify your liver with mint and dandelion

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body and its detoxification is essential for body functions. See how to detoxify your liver with mint and dandelion quickly and without too much effort.

Dandelion helps the liver
Dandelion helps the liver to cleanse the accumulated toxins, stimulates the bile secretion from the gall bladder and helps to process fats.
Plant specialists often recommend dandelion root for fatty liver, cirrhosis, estrogen resistance and acne.

Mint (peppermint, not other varieties)
Peppermint is the best herb for curing the liver.
Like dandelion root, peppermint stimulates bile secretion and reduces bad cholesterol.

Besides liver detoxification role, peppermint reduces kidney congestion and cleans the urinary tract, calming your irritated stomach.

How to detoxify your liver with dandelion and mint


Both mint and dandelion are plants that can be eaten raw. Although dandelion is slightly bittersweet, it can be delicious in salads, while mint may be consumed in soft drinks.


Peppermint tea is refreshing and is good for digestion. In addition, it soothes heartburn, reduces intestinal problems and is one of the tastiest remedies for liver detox.
Dandelion tea can be combined with other herbs or plants that help detoxify your skin.