Perfect boots for each silhouette type

I like boots. They have the same charm like clothes do. In addition, unlimited number of designs allow us to take advantage of their dual functional role: keeping us warm and highlighting our body no matter of the silhouette shape we have. Here are the suitable models for every silhouette.

If you have a slim and tall body, stiletto heels and narrow platforms are exclusively reserved to you. They will highlight the thin legs line.

If you have neither thin volume nor comprehensive, conical heel boots are best suited for you. Medium or long legs look very good in flat soled boots.

For a round shape person in the thighs areas, square hills will highlight the femininity curves in a pleasing way. Also, wide platforms are a good choice, too.

Body shape is not the only criterion to be considered when choosing a pair of boots. The shoes size is an indicator of the type of shoes that suits us. Thus, if you wear over 7, never choose shoes with small and thin heels, so-called kitten heels.

We all know the biggest goal for any woman is having long legs, so here are some ideas for making this effect possible:

Short legs will seem longer in boots at least long to the knee and worn with opaque tights in the same color, so will enhance the visual stretching effect. Square structure heels, higher and slim, will further contribute to visual lengthening of short legs.
If we know how to wear them, even the short boots (known for the effect of shortening the legs), can make legs look longer. Worn with miniskirts, they expose more of the leg’s length.

Perfect boots for each silhouette type