How to remove blackheads from ears

Blackheads are related to acne. They look like small yellowish or black bumps, or plugs in the pores, and are caused by too much oil in the skin. Although they usually appear around the nose or chin area, they can occur in other areas, such as the ears. Here, the skin is thinner and tighter, so this type of acne can be particularly painful.

Also, applying wrong treatments can cause scarring and these procedures don’t remove blackheads.

You need:
– soap
– an exfoliating agent
– steam or hot compresses
– blackheads extractor


1. Wash your hands and ears with mild soap and water before attempting to act over the blackheads directly. This will help prevent infection.

2. Use a gentle exfoliating agent to the affected area to help expose blackheads and to remove dead skin. Rinse and dry the skin.

3. The action is initiated by pressing a hot compress on the area where we want to remove the blackheads. Alternatively, you can create steam by using hot water from the sink. Use compress or steam for at least 5 minutes. This will open the pores and will make the blackheads removal process easier and less painful.

4. Squeeze the blackheads carefully (if they still remain after the exfoliation and steam). Don’t use your nails, as you may damage the skin. Removing blackheads should be easy after the exfoliation process because pores have been opened. Alternatively, you can buy a tool for removing blackheads (extractor), which looks like a stick with a small round hole at one end. If you use this method, be careful because it can cause scars.

5. Rinse and dry the skin after you complete the removal mission.

How to remove blackheads from ears