Remove earwax with 3 natural remedies

In some people, the internal ear glands produce more ear wax that can’t be easily removed. Thus, the wax excess can block the entire ear canal by strengthening the natural cork that forms inside the ear canal.

Ear wax protects us from dust, bacteria and other small particles, reducing the potential injuries that could occur. Sometimes, the wax can be produced in large amounts and can affect hearing and sometimes can be painful.

Here are some natural solutions for removing wax plugs:

Baby oil or olive oil
Heat a teaspoon of baby oil to body temperature. Remember that any liquid deposited in the ear, which is warmer or colder compared to normal body temperature can cause the vertigo sensation. Tilt your head so that the infected ear to be oriented toward the ceiling. Put a few drops in the ear using an pipette. Keep the ear in the same position for 5-7 minutes.
Repeat two times a day for 3-4 days. Wash the ear wax using a syringe with warm water. The oil will soften the ear wax then put a few drops of rubbing alcohol in the ear to prevent bacterial growth.

Saline solution
Mix 2 teaspoons of salt with half a cup of warm water until the salt dissolves completely. Using a pipette add a few drops in the ear, keeping your head turned upwards. Keep the water in the ear for 3-5 minutes and tilt your head in the opposite direction to drain the water. This is the best way to remove ear wax.

Vinegar and rubbing alcohol
Put equal parts of vinegar and alcohol in a bowl and mix. Add a few drops in the ear and drain immediately. This method is great for swimmers.